Sunday, August 10, 2008

8-10-08 The Sunday Paper came wrapped with a box of Cherrios - the 1 cup size the 23 Grams of Carb Size NOT Good RJ Front Page Lead - Obama McCain In his Weekly - IT IS OK TO BREAK THE LAW

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: George Bush: Let my people go

There are tens of thousands of Americans serving time -- lots more, if we count those on parole and probation -- who are the

non-violent victims

of the fruitless and counterproductive "War on Drugs," a racist political contrivance which has been ongoing for 70 years and continuing without a shred of constitutional authorization.

They should all be pardoned. Yes, especially the

"dealers," many of whom are

sad sacks

who got talked into trying to improve their financial condition by muling in "one big score."

What Vin calls - unionized tax-funded schoolmarm "SHERMAN FREDERICK: Imagine one tax-free day"
NOT a mention of the War between Georgia and Russia Let's see who - to Vin - "my people" are. They are - Lawbreakers and Dope Dealers. All they did was - BREAK THE LAW and Vin calls them - "non-violent victims" How can they be a "victim" when they CHOOSE to break the law? Dope "Dealers". Are Teachers If he makes over $100,000 a year he doesn't pay His Share into Soc Sec or Medicare
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