Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Monday, August 25, 2008

8-24-08 Bathroom Humor is LOW Class Bathroom Pix are LOW Class but what else can we expect from the RJ? 3 questions NOBODY CAN or WILL ANSWER 1. How much do YOU pay for YOUR Health Care? 2. What Income Tax Bracket are YOU in? 3. how many US Treasury Bonds or TBills do you own?
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

John Kenneth Galbraith

Jewish World Review August 12, 2008 / 11 Menachem-Av 5768

The Galbraith Effect?

By Thomas Sowell

Many years ago, when I was a college student, I took a course from John Kenneth Galbraith.

On the first day of class, Professor Galbraith gave a brilliant opening lecture, after which the students gave him a standing ovation.

Galbraith kept on giving brilliant opening lectures the whole semester. But, instead of standing ovations, there were now dwindling numbers of students and some of them got up and walked out in the middle of his lectures.

Galbraith never got beyond the glittering generalities that marked his first lecture. After a while, the students got tired of not getting any real substance.

Senator Barack Obama's campaign this year reminds me very much of that course from Professor Galbraith. Many people were ecstatic during the early primaries, as each state's voters heard his glittering generalities for the first time.

The media (***Generalization) loved the novelty of a black candidate with a real chance to become president, (*** NOT if Sowell or the RJ can Stop it) and his left-wing vision of the world was largely their vision as well. There was a veritable media honeymoon for Obama.

There was outrage in the mainstream media when ABC anchor man Charles Gibson asked Obama a serious question about the economic effects of a capital gains tax. Who interrupts honeymooners to talk economics?

The fact that Senator Obama did not have a very coherent answer made things worse— for Charles Gibson. Since Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of many of his supporters, they resented Gibson's having asked him such a question.

The question, incidentally was why Senator Obama was advocating a higher capital gains tax rate, when experience had shown that the government typically collected more revenue from a lower capital gains tax rate than from a higher rate.

Senator Obama acted as if he had never thought about it that way. He probably hadn't. He is a politician, not an economist.

Politically, what matters to the left-wing base that Obama has been playing to for decades is sticking it to "the rich."

What effect that has on the tax revenues received by the government is secondary, at best.

What effect a higher capital gains tax rate will have on the economy today and on people's pensions in later years is a question that is not even on Senator Obama's radar screen.

Economists may say that higher capital gains tax rates can translate into lower levels of economic activity and fewer jobs, but Obama will leave that kind of analysis to the economists. He is in politics, and what matters politically is what wins votes right here and right now.

The kind of talk that won the votes— and the hearts— of the left-wing base of the Democratic Party during the primaries may not be enough to carry the day with voters in the general election. So Senator Obama has been changing his tune or, as he puts it, "refining" his message.

This was not the kind of "change" that the true believers among Obama's supporters were expecting. So there has been some wavering among the faithful and some ups and downs in the polls.

Despite an impressive political machine and a huge image makeover this year to turn a decades-long, divisive grievance-promoting activist into someone who is supposed to unite us all and lead us into the promised land of "change," little glimpses of the truth keep coming out.

The elitist sneers at people who believe in religion and who own guns, the Americans who don't speak foreign languages and the views of the "typical white person," are all like rays of light that show through the cracks in Obama's carefully crafted image.

The overwhelming votes for Obama in some virtually all-white states show that many Americans are ready to move beyond race.

But Obama himself wants to have it both ways, by attributing racist notions to the McCain camp that has never made race an issue.

The problem with clever people is that they don't know when to stop being clever— and Senator Obama is a very clever man, perhaps "too clever by half" as the British say.

But maybe he can't keep getting by with glittering generalities, any more than Galbraith could.

Imagine! THIS coming from a guy Sowell that NEVER HAS EVER GIVEN AN EXAMPLE ON ANYTHING HE WRITES. NOW he switches gears to Anti-Obama stuff. And, because Sowell is Black he writes Anti-Black stuff and can get away with it. Sowell HATES the Media Those that Use Labels Usually - get that? - Usually Brag about being a Conservative. BS THAT is the sort of CRAP that the RJ uses, and may be WHY they selected this articles. Sowell will believe the WORSE about him, True of NOT. The Rich do NOT pay into Sec Sec and Medicare ON EVER CENT THEY EARN AS YOU AND I DO. I consider Sowell an "elitist". Is THIS "sneering" I think so/ THIS FROM A GUY - SOWELL THAT MAKES HIS LIVING DOING "glittering generalities,"
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lets store Nuke Waste in Crawford, TX === Excalibur putting in Tex hold-em machines goodby dealers EASY to Cheat. If you are going to play Tex Hold-Em on a machine you can do it from HOME and not pay to play. Easy to cheat Get a partner go to the same table when either of YOU have a good hand let the other know and BOTH RAISE That does 2 things 1. It increases the Pot 2. More players will drop out MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8-19-08 John Smith - wrote a Defense of HIS Defense of the ACLU but the RJ hasn't put it on theie web site yet. Will they? Hope so, but maybe NOT
8-19-08 Doesn't the RJ ever LISTEN? Clinton was talking to NV about being the LEADER in the USA and the WORLD in Solar Energy. "I mean look around," he said. "Maybe what you ought to come out of this conference with is a proposal to have the national government and investors all over America, say, 'Help make us the first completely self-sufficient clean energy state in the United States.' I promise you if you do, it would rock the world."
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Visitor Count = 5,035
8-19-08 Doesn't anyone at the RJ have "good taste"? Should today's Barf, from Dorf really be ON THE FRONT PAGE? Even John Smith defends the ACLU who partners with the RJ.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

8-10-08 The Sunday Paper came wrapped with a box of Cherrios - the 1 cup size the 23 Grams of Carb Size NOT Good RJ Front Page Lead - Obama McCain In his Weekly - IT IS OK TO BREAK THE LAW

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: George Bush: Let my people go

There are tens of thousands of Americans serving time -- lots more, if we count those on parole and probation -- who are the

non-violent victims

of the fruitless and counterproductive "War on Drugs," a racist political contrivance which has been ongoing for 70 years and continuing without a shred of constitutional authorization.

They should all be pardoned. Yes, especially the

"dealers," many of whom are

sad sacks

who got talked into trying to improve their financial condition by muling in "one big score."

What Vin calls - unionized tax-funded schoolmarm "SHERMAN FREDERICK: Imagine one tax-free day"
NOT a mention of the War between Georgia and Russia Let's see who - to Vin - "my people" are. They are - Lawbreakers and Dope Dealers. All they did was - BREAK THE LAW and Vin calls them - "non-violent victims" How can they be a "victim" when they CHOOSE to break the law? Dope "Dealers". Are Teachers If he makes over $100,000 a year he doesn't pay His Share into Soc Sec or Medicare
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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Rich are NOT pulling their share of the load. The RICH only pay into Soc Sec and Medicare on the FIRST $100,000 they earn YOU and I pay ON EVERY CENT WE EARN Why are they exempt? If the Rich paid - like YOU and I do there would be enough $$$$ for BOTH Soc Sec and Medicare TO LAST FOREVER. A LIST of ONLY 42 PAYS $642,600 THEY SHOULD PAY $74,335,131 They SHOULD PAY This year, and every year FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES Forbes 500 List ONLY Pay $7,650,000 THEY SHOULD PAY $887,400,000 MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Monday, August 04, 2008

8-4-08 = HERE IS THE LETTER TO THE EDITOR THAT HSmith wrote that was Misleading, and they the RJ took it out of the archives. So, here it is - I added the Highlighting for EASY Reading. KJ === Hubble Smith’s article from July 26, titled Reverse Mortgage Leaves Borrower Stunned and Stuck, is misleading because he relies on sources who don’t understand how reverse mortgages work.

Mr. Lancaster, the borrower, received a federally-insured reverse mortgage, which enabled him to pay off an existing mortgage of $54,000 and to establish a $60,000 line of credit, which he has used to fund retirement needs.

The property does not,

as the article misstates,

"essentially belong to the lender."

The lender has a lien as in any other loan.

This is no different in a reverse mortgage than in a traditional mortgage.

The balance due on Mr. Lancaster’s loan, $170,000 according to the article, would include the funds advanced to pay-off his prior mortgage, funds drawn down from the line of credit, an upfront mortgage insurance premium paid to HUD, customary and usual closing costs, and an origination fee on the reverse mortgage, plus accrued interest and ongoing mortgage insurance premiums.

Under the FHA-insured federal reverse mortgage program,

while the balance due may be $170,000,

if Mr. Lancaster sells the home,

he will only be responsible for paying back an amount equal to the current market sales price that he is able to obtain, even if that is only $130,000.

The lender would recoup its loss from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

That's a benefit of the $2,600 in mortgage insurance premium that he paid to FHA.

The Realtor quoted in the story states that Mr. Lancaster paid interest of $50,000 to $60,000 in just two years, which he labels “insane,” yet the lender who made the loan points out that the interest rate was 5.5%, which amounts to $7,000 a year.

This source is highly misinformed about reverse mortgages. It would be helpful if the reporter would follow-up with knowledgeable individuals who could help analyze the case study presented so the correct facts could be reported.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

REMEMBER THIS HORRIBLE DRAWING? THE RJ RAN IT IN THEIR Thursday, March 4, 2004 issue and then pulled it from the archives the NEXT DAY. And then, John Kerr said, "HE WAS PROUD THE RJ RAN IT." MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rent Solar Panels Jennifer Robinson - with the RJ will believe ANYTHING. Today she writes - "The Silver State lost 10,700 jobs to China from 2001 to 2007" The REAL Mystery is WHY they put her BS on the FRONT PAGE.
CitizenRe Same with John Edwards WHY is Solar Panel Rental an issue for the Utility Commission?
New Guy - Steve Bornfeld writes about TV News WHERE did he come from? ALL TV News is anymore is people sitting around talking to each other. THAT is NOT News.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A newspaper is known

NOT by what they write

but what they write ABOUT.
One of todays RJ Head Lines - "record deficit may limit next prez" "Term limits issue splits voters" Term limits are a good thing. ALL politicians are FOR it but when elected want to take a SECOND LOOK AT THAT.
University system Regent Howard Rosenberg said Monday he might challenge the Nevada Supreme Court decision that prevents him and 20 others from running for re-election.ARROGANT to try to go against the wishes of the PEOPLE Hey, Howie - YOU and the guy that changes tires at WMart - don't interpret the constitution, that is what THE SUPREME COURT DOES. Sebelius talks AGAINST the NO SMOKING BAN THAT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR.
A defender of the BuSh Torture Policy says - having cloths removed is NOT THE SAME AS BEING NAKED. See! THIS is what we have to work with. What the meaning of - "is" - is.
Al Gibes - ONLINE GUY: Educate, communicate to keep children safe from online bulliesBut, the RJ - HYPOCRITES - lets Bullies operate freely on their eForum.
Sympathy Rating - ZERO A lawyer for Dr. Dipak Desai told the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners on Monday that the physician whose clinics are linked to a major hepatitis outbreak has suffered a stroke.
RJ - still does NOT have a clue on the Foreclosure house NO-SALE problem.
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Monday, July 28, 2008


Sunday, April 20, 2008

BuSh and BIG OIL ARE TO BLAME FOR THE FOOD CRISIS. MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Friday, February 29, 2008

There is a - HEALTH CARE CRISIS IN LV and the RJ editorials are about - ANTI-Democrats, and Anti-Affordable housing. If the RJ wasn't such a LOUSY Paper it would be DEMANDING THAT TESTING AS A RESULT OF WORK DONE AT - Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada BE PAID FOR BY THE CENTER. MY TALK Radio Station - Send me an Email =

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What happened on Jan 11 at the Endoscopy Center - that the RJ is NOT Telling us about??? WHY did it take from Jan 11 to Feb 29 for them to decided to tell the public? MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To: John Smith, RJ – Letters to the editor, John Kerr.

BCC: to the rest of you.

If LVegas is ever going to be FIXED

it will have to START WITH THE RJ.

Their policies of – ANTI-VEGAS are at the CORE of the Problems.

Take for Example –

the Rash of Shooting.

Let’s look at Vin’s, almost, weekly HATE.

They are ANTI-Sensible Gun Control

PRO-Dope – legalizing Dope in NV

Close the public schools – where he expounds his, and I guess the RJ’s, HATE FOR THE UNIONS.

Especially, Teachers, and Police Unions.

One of the first things the RJ SHOULD DO IS –

to publish, if the writer wants, the EMAIL ADDRESS OF ALL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.

Why don’t they?


The RJ wants to CONTROL – issues – Pro’s and Con’s



JOHN L. SMITH: Plea unmistakable: Get involved in problem of youth gun violence

*** = Ken’s comments.

Undersheriff Rod Jett must moonlight as a mind reader.

As he began Tuesday morning's news conference on the recent increase in gun violence near local schools, Jett acknowledged one of the biggest challenges with addressing the complex community issue: the cynical sense that little can be done about it.

"I didn't want this to be just another press conference," Jett said.

Just another press conference is about what I expected, all anyone could have reasonably expected, but that's not what I heard. Surrounded by many of his top officers, and flanked by Clark County School District Superintendent Walt Rulffes and representatives of the North Las Vegas Police Department, Henderson Police Department and CCSD Police Department, Jett implored residents to focus on this issue. I heard frustration in Jett's voice as he departed from the usual "tough cop" rhetoric and instead made an emotional plea for assistance to the community at large.

Metro has assigned 30 additional officers to address the violence issue with another 20 scheduled to begin next week, said Jett, speaking on behalf of Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who was in Washington, D.C. Speculation to the contrary, Jett added that he was satisfied Metro had enough investigators in its street gang unit to do the job. The undersheriff also took time to remind the media that -- no matter how baggy the pants of the perpetrator -- it's not helpful to broad-brush teen violence as "gang-related."

The focus of the news conference ranged from stick-and-whistle police work to the root causes of the violence,

and I couldn't help but think how much the department has changed over the years.

Under Sheriff Ralph Lamb and his successor, Sheriff John Moran,

there would have been little talk about parental responsibility, after-school programs and cops building bridges with at-risk youth.

Reporters would have heard about not tolerating the hoodlum element and getting tough on the street thugs.

On Tuesday, Jett implored parents to engage their children, pull bedroom inspections, monitor their MySpace accounts. In short, to take nothing they do or say for granted.

He also called on long-distance fathers to "reconnect" with their sons. Although Jett said his request was "no commentary on your parenting skills," who was he trying to kid? As a general rule, fathers who don't watch after their children usually watch them go bad from a lack of discipline, guidance and love.

*** BS.

So, the JSmith Rule is – “discipline, guidance and love.” your kids, and they will be good citizens.

He also put the local gang-banger subculture on notice. His language was professional, but I got the feeling that now would be a good time for some wayward teens to break from street life.

Jett also attempted to move beyond the traditional rhetoric by making a plea to individuals and companies throughout the community. If anyone out there is in a position to help address the issue, this is the right time to step up.

"This is going to have to be a communitywide effort," he said.

*** WHEN is the RJ going to do that?

For his part, Rulffes noted that none of the recent violence was on school property -- "I often talk about how safe schools are" -- and chimed in about the importance of parental involvement and having enough after-school activities in place to reduce the potential for problems.

But in a society that's loath to invest in junior high sports and longer school days, he must know the odds of improving the system are long.

There's an overriding truth that's emerging from the latest series. It's this: The bullets are just as deadly whether you live in Summerlin or Green Valley, West Las Vegas or the Red Rock Country Club. Contrary to popular legend, they're not limited to the valley's tough, poor, ethnic neighborhoods.

Although the undersheriff lauded Metro's efforts at everything from boxing programs to gang intervention,

I find myself angered by the buck-passing that has gone on in this community when it comes to investing in the futures of all our youth. Cops are supposed to be cops, not social workers, surrogate parents, camp counselors and child psychologists.

*** When have YOU or the RJ written a policy that would work?

But every year police officers and schoolteachers are asked to do more because parents, and society generally, do less and less.

*** Parents and society is NOT THE ONLY ONES to Blame.

We can't cure this malady.

*** So, THAT is the NEW RJ Policy?

We can't cure this malady. “

But we can treat it by never quitting on our children, never accepting this insanity as a reality of big city life and never pretending that the bullets fly only in those "other neighborhoods."

*** Hey, John,

go back up to the TOP of YOUR articles

and reread what YOU wrote –

Under Sheriff Ralph Lamb and his successor, Sheriff John Moran,

there would have been little talk about parental responsibility, after-school programs and cops building bridges with at-risk youth.

Reporters would have heard about not tolerating the hoodlum element and getting tough on the street thugs.

We didn’t have the shooting then.

So, WHAT changed?

YOU probably don’t read the comments below, but YOU SHOULD.


John L. Smith's column appears Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. E-mail him at or call (702) 383-0295.

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zz wrote on February 27, 2008 04:29 AM: Ok we will help. For Sale, nice hand gun, full auto, light weight good to hide in a backpack.

This gun is great to protect your self from the abusive cops in the valley. Free box of bullets.

Armor piercing too.

GEORGE wrote on February 27, 2008 04:11 AM: School spending, hours, and activities were lower in the previous generation but youth violence was lower than in the present generation. They can spend more money on the schools but

it will not change the levels of violence as long as the culture outside the schools continues to promote violence.

lvhunter wrote on February 27, 2008 03:02 AM: The people that will be frequenting the new shooting range are the responsible gun owners, not the punk kids causing all the trouble around our schools. They won't go near an organized shooting range because their guns are all stolen or purchased illegally on the streets of this "fine" city.

Home burglaries happen most commonly during the hours immediately after school lets out. You can almost bet that these are the same punks that are fighting and shooting around the schools.

I'd venture to bet that none of these worthless little punks are from families that are actively involved in shooting sports of any kind, whether hunting, trap or skeet shooting.

No, more likely they come from dysfunctional families who couldn't care less what their kids are doing in their after-school hours.

Gun laws can do nothing to contain the illegal availability of guns, it requires parental involvement, gun owners securing their firearms against theft and the police actively searching for and prosecuting those people committing the burglaries and selling these weapons to kids on the street. I've been told by kids that in some areas of town guns are easier to find than dope.

Just last week the RJ printed a story about the low priority of home burglaries and the poor rate of catching the people involved. Isn't there a direct correlation with that issue and the teen shootings?

*** The RJ printed – on their front page –

about cops NOT investigating Stolen Cars.

Result = LV leads nation in Stolen Cars.

And doesn't anyone find it curious that none of these minority kids doing the shooting are being charged with federal hate crimes over these events?

*** OR is the RJ suggesting the Fed’s investigate it?


Maybe making a federal crime out of these situations might act as more of a deterrent. OF course, these shooters weren't white, so how could it be a hate crime??

Statistics show this would be just to politically incorrect!

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Ken Jarvis


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WHEN will the RJ speak out against the shootings and Sensable Gun Control? MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glad to see that THE RJ finally ADMIT to censorship. From SF's column today - "I'm sorry to say some people also latched on to the racial elements of the story. And some of those comments were very ugly. While we are loath to cut off comment, we removed the postings that were offensive and harmful." I got kicked off the eForum because I did the unthinkable. I POSTED THE TRUTH ABOUT THE RJ, AND THEY KICKED ME OFF. I posted under the handle - LVKen7 QUESTION - WHY don't you censor Vin's horrible, nasty, hateful, writings about His Promoting Dope use, wanting to CLOSE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS his hate for teachers, and the police. MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Sunday, February 10, 2008

RJ – Front Page Story= “Burglars unlikely to get caught”

More PROOF how much the RJ Hates Cops The LAST time the RJ had anything like this was on – “Cops don’t investigate STOLEN CARS.”

LV became #1 for Stolen Car in the USA.

RJ will continue to paint Obama THE DEMO candidate WRONG!

Sun AM – H = 1100 delegates O = 1039

They do that so that McCain will win.

H – Keeps WINNING the BIG states

The MOST UNREPORTED STORY IS – The VOTE count. KANSAS – Ds = P 40,000 Rs = M 20,000

MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Friday, February 08, 2008

The - So Called - $timulu$ Package is a WINDFALL FOR CHINA. How? BuSh is giving out $168B - it started at $150 Billion. That WE DON'T HAVE BECAUSE BuSh HAS SPENT ALL OUR MONEY. So where does the $168B come from? He is going to borrow it from China, to give to SOME people to Buy STUFF. Stuff that will be MANUFACTURED WHERE? Right - China. MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The RJ is AGAINST HELP FOR THE ECONOMY "This isn't an economic stimulus. This is just another redistribution scheme, perfectly timed to buy votes in November's election." MY TALK Radio Station - Send me an Email =

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where do I go to COMPLAIN about the NV Caucus set up? If Prez Carter Observed it he would have had a HEART ATTACK. We May NOT know what we want, BUT WE - ALWAYS - KNOW WHAT WE DON'T WANT. Caucus' - did anyone ever hear of ORGANIZATION? Campaign - that goes on FOREVER ============ Life is a Country Song And there is a CSong = "The Road goes on Forever, and THE PARTY never ends." Robert Earl Keane ============ We DON'T want - BS, just give us the FACTS ============ I do - OnLine Banking Why not - OnLine Voting? One Click and it is Over. It took two hours to do what we could have done online in two seconds Oprah is a Traitor to women. MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Saturday, January 19, 2008

WSJ = The Dow declined 59.91 points Friday "THEIR WORST 13-SESSION START TO A YEAR EVER" - EVER NOT GOOD The BOOM in NV is over NV - Jobless rate at 5 yr HIGH 8th Worse in USA. Dubai invested $BILLION$ in MGM they own about 40% of it now. NOT Good. Nextel to cut 4,000 jobs BuSh dug this hole we are in. Hillary is OUR ONLY HOPE VOTE HILLARY. WSJournal = Merrill Lynch reports loss of $9.83 BILLION - WORSE IN 94 YEAR HISTORY Retalings cutting back - Industries WORSE SLUMP IN 17 YEARS AMD posted a $1.68 BILLION LOSS CitiGroup will LAY OFF 20,000 Remember - The WSJ Backs BuSh in whatever he does. There is NO JOY IN MUDVILLE ................. BuSh is the KING of Denial MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RJ Endorses Obama. Does that mean - He wants to CLOSE PUBLIC SCHOOLS? MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Hillary will propose to the Senate a $70 million package calls for a $30 billion housing crisis fund; $25 billion for whole meeting: a $5 billion investment in energy efficiency and energy alternatives with a jobs focus; and $10 billion for unemployment insurance.

Obama wants a $75 billion economic stimulus plan that focus on tax rebates and one time Soc Sec Benefits sent out immediately.

After Michigan = HILLIARY BANDWAGON IS ROLLING FASTER, and FASTER Undecided took 4th place. She Leads Romney by 26,000 McCain by = 93,000 Huckabee by = 272,000 Oboma by = 335,000 Paul by = 366,000 Edwards by = 390,000 Next Stop NV - Sat the 19th. But that is ONLY a caucus.

MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =

Thursday, January 03, 2008

CIA faces criminal probe over tapes
Federal prosecutor to lead inquiry into videos' destruction
Article Last Updated: 01/02/2008 11:56:33 PM CST

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Wednesday that the Justice Department has elevated its inquiry into the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes to a formal criminal investigation headed by a career federal prosecutor.

The announcement is the first indication investigators have reached a preliminary conclusion that CIA officers, possibly along with other government officials, might have committed crimes in their handling of the tapes, which recorded the interrogations in 2002 of two operatives with al-Qaida and were destroyed in 2005.

Mukasey assigned John Durham, a veteran federal prosecutor from Connecticut, to lead the criminal inquiry in tandem with the FBI.

The appointment of a prosecutor from outside Washington was an unusual move, and it suggested Mukasey wanted to give the investigation the appearance of an extra measure of independence, after complaints from lawmakers in both parties that Mukasey's predecessor,

Alberto Gonzales, had allowed politics to influence the Justice Department's judgment in criminal cases.

MY TALK Radio Station - ttp:// Send me an Email =