Thursday, May 31, 2007

LV needs an ivestigative reporter to investigate a connection between Gibbons and the firing of the US Attorney Dan Bogden. WHY has there been NO INVESTIGATION SO FAR? Send me an Email =

Monday, May 28, 2007

NVWeedman? Vin - You better get started. There is a NJWeedman on HEY, NVWEEDMAN, better check it out. Send me an Email =

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Why should some Monopoly decide? Channel Choice - Al a Carte TV - is the DEMOCRATIC WAY, THE FREEDOM WAY. Send me an Email =

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wonder what HORRIBLE things the RJ, or their STAFF has done that makes them SO AFRAID FOR THEIR PRIVACY? THE USA NEEDS A NATIONAL ID CARD. Send me an Email =
John Edwards Probably WON'T be at the RJ long. Today he used the word - "monopoly" TWICE - "Monopoly phone company" (Embark) "Monopoly Cable TV Company" (Cox) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS - TO JOHN. Send me an Email =

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today in the SUN, there was an article by Emily Richmond - Schools lack Solid Foundation. In it she mentions - Rod Paige - Sec of Education - that refereed to NEA as a "Terrorist Organization" The Next day - March 4, 2004 - the RJ ran a Mike Luckovich cartoon. 2 panels - in the balloon in Panel #1. "OK, I'll Apologize for comparing the NEA Teachers Union to Terrorist." Panel #2 = "I'm sorry Al-Quaida" Don't look for it in the RJ archives - they took it down, and ran the cartoon from the day before, or the day after. HERE IS MY HOPE - the Sun calls the RJ on it. Since they have this - ongoing battle. Send me an Email =

Monday, May 14, 2007

Until today, I missed it, but in the -
Apr. 18, 2007 RJ U.S. ATTORNEY FIRINGS: 90 seconds called key Brief meeting resolved issue about Bogden By STEVE TETREAULT STEPHENS WASHINGTON BUREAU
The fate of ex-U.S. Attorney for Nevada Daniel Bogden, pictured in Las Vegas in February, might have been sealed in 90 seconds. Photo by John Locher.

WASHINGTON -- Daniel Bogden's fate as chief federal prosecutor in Nevada ultimately came down to a 90-second meeting convened shortly before Justice Department officials decided to dismiss him as U.S. attorney in December.

A former high level department executive has told congressional investigators that a Justice Department team held a last-minute discussion after Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty said in an e-mail on Dec. 5 that he was "skittish" about firing Bogden.

McNulty; his chief of staff, Keith Elston; Monica Goodling, a senior counsel to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; and possibly one other official gathered in the office of Kyle Sampson,


That goes on and on.

Gibbons name is NOT EVEN MENTIONED.

Wonder WHY, nobody is asking if there was a connection when it SEEMS SO OBVIOUS.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

The RJ is the BEST when it comes to answering the phones.
It is about the ONLY place I call any more where a Human Being answers. I WISH - they ran the Editorial staff.
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