Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Employee Free Choice Act – IS JUST WHAT WORKERS NEED. That is why the DEMOCRATS are pushing it.

Employee Free Choice Act – IS JUST WHAT WORKERS NEED.

That is why the DEMOCRATS are pushing it.

RJ, U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, and The International Franchise Association ALL oppose the – Employee Free Choice Act.


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NO REPLY from Joe yet. 2-28-07


Open Letter to Joe Hawk -

How come YOU didn't WARN us about that "element of society" that would be here for the All-Star game.

If you had, maybe NONE would be "either naive or just plain stupid." ==== What is with the RJ?

Mitchell calls some of HIS readers - "idiots" - Jan 28, 2007 Column - "To silence village idiots, let them speak freely"

and NOW you call them - "either naive or just plain stupid."

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

From Today's Thomas Mitchell column - "So it is in our self-interest to provide you unvarnished, unspun, unadulterated, neutral, objective, unembellished, unbiased news coverage you can trust." =========== WHEN DOES THAT START? DID THEY FIRE JOHN KERR AND VIN? Send me an Email =

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here is what some on the forum say about condoms and Condom Education - "And some could argue that AIDS is mother nature's way of controlling the population." And he said it in LARGE FONT. AIDS IS A HEALTH ISSUE, but some make it a religious issue - You are attempting to degrade or intimidate Catholics based on their religious beliefs. Telling them that they need to promote condoms is clearly intimidation and is clearly hate speech." "No it expresses an opinion regarding the activities of the Catholic Church that involves their Priests that rape little boys and women." ",,,for his attacking the Catholic Church. It is an evil institution that spreads false beliefs in fairytales. " === Some on the forum BRAG about NOT recycling - HERE are some of the EXCUSES. "No BS, my time is more valuable to me on some things" He is TO BUSY to recycle - but had PLENTY OF TIME TO HARASS OTHERS. "No, I will not bother to recycle, its too much work and I work 2 jobs just to keep ME alive." "If you want people to participate you have to make it easy. People are busy. It's not laziness that they don't have time to waste separating trash. I barely have time to take out the trash. They want you to WASH out your cans and bottles! Yep that's right. Recycling costs you not only time, but also the money for the water needed to rinse out your stuff." "No, I don't recycle. You want to recycle, go move back to the police state of Kalifornia where you get fined if you dont recycle. Send me an Email =
If you ever NEED TO READ MORE HATE - TURN TO THE RJ EDITORIAL PAGE - For YEARS - the RJ - has been on this Quest to Legalize Dope in NV. Usually, this is restricted to MJ, but today they START THEIR DEFENSE OF METH. Send me an Email =
The LVegas local Paper - RJ - has a forum - that is FULL OF HATE. There are 2 guys on it - they call themselves - greatday and tjones. THEIR ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO - TRY - TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE LIVES AS MISERABLE AS THEY CAN. They post the Most Horrible lies about others that you can imagine. Some on the forum post HATE about Jews, Blacks. They accused me FALSELY of hating catholics - because i criticize the POPE for not taking a POSITIVE stand on Condom Education. The MAIN reason the hate, and criticize me - I guess - is I use BOLD - it is easier to read, and CAPS for EMPHASIS. Like, somebody makes them read my stuff. I have posted about MSoft's move to block google and yahoo toolbars, and the FIX when PCs Crash. They block it. As anyone knows, that has ever posted to a forum - that to keep others from reading previous posts is to post anything. And they do - Post anything - that is. MSoft, Google, Yahoo, have - ALL 3 - cut themselves off from their users. They have NO phone number where you can talk to a - English speaking human being. So, I have NO sympathy with any of them. Send me an Email =

Friday, February 23, 2007

RJ Editorial Stall continues push to close NV Public Schools.

RJ Editorial Stall continues push to close NV Public Schools. " EDITORIAL: School choice advances - 2-23-07 But not in Nevada The teacher union grip on our Democrat-dominated state Assembly assures that students in most of Nevada's public schools continue to flounder in a climate of enforced mediocrity." I invite Comments, Questions, and Suggestions. Send me an Email =