Sunday, December 11, 2005

Conflict of Interest. Like HER saying - My votes is FOR SALE. As in, a Member of the assembly - Being on the Payroll of a PRO-Dope Group when she may have to vote on an issue with DOPE. But, SOME People will do ANYTHING FOR MONEY $$$$$$. AND WHY DID THE RJ CHOOSE NOT TO MENTION IT IN THEIR ENDORSEMENT/ANNOUNCEMENT ARTICLE FOR HER? She Doesn't NEED A campaign Manager, as long as she will be reported about in the RJ. ACCURATE NEWSPAPER REPORTED Ended with the Demise of the Sun. What this County DOES NOT NEED IS MORE UNETHICAL POLITICIANS. I will email her a question to see if she is still on the PRO-Dope payroll and report back on her reply. IF there is one. On her website she has Endorsements listed - Wonder WHY she doesn't list the PRO-DOPE Group that is paying her a salary? Seems UNETHICAL to me - NOT to list it.
Is Chris Giunchigliani still on the PAYROLL of that PRO-Dope group? Doesn't sound ETHICAL TO ME TO BE TAKING MONEY ON QUESTIONS THAT MAY COME BEFORE THE ASSEMBLY. Seems that was UNETHICAL for her to work for them. Today's article about her - Failed to mention SHE was the one that Railroaded the Penalty Change for Dope from a Felony to a Misdemeanor. Why did she want it changed? Felon's CAN NOT VOTE so she picked up ALL the Potheads votes. Also, it SEEMS UNFAIR, AND UNNECESSARY FOR THE ARTICLE TO TRY TO HOOK Myrna Williams TO THE FEDERAL INDICTMENTS. I KNOW she is the Poster child for the RJ's Quest to Legalize Dope in NV, but - THEY SHOULD AT LEAST, TRY, TO BE FAIR.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

RJ Plea for Help

Poor Old Thomas Mitchell - He still doesn't get it. His article today was about THE GREAT JOB THE RJ IS DOING.

He doesn't mention - Giving the reader what they want or, Being Positive on Local Issues or, Ending the HATEFUL EDITORIALS.

NO. He blames - " Wall Street's demands for healthy profit margins no matter what."

He BRAGS  = "More than 47 million people visited online newspapers in September alone."
But here are Drudge figures =
009,611,442 IN PAST 24 HOURS267,669,032 IN PAST 31 DAYS3,537,637,224 IN PAST YEAR

Why is DRUDGE SO important to readers? HE give people WHAT THEY WANT.

Mitchell didn't mention the World Wide News Services like = FT or RSS.

He ends his column with = "We are working to make sure the Review-Journal will be relevant."

HOW? What changes have they made?

The REAL Problem with Writers is, they think, at least, 1,000Words can present ALL on ANY Subject.

One of the REASONS for the success of USA Today is - Short, to the point, Easy to understand articles.

RJ Writers seem to feel the MORE WORD they use, the better the article. NOT SO.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Skewing News


"Denver voters decide a little bit of pot is not a crime."
THAT is NOT what happened.

Rocky Mountain News SAYS = But Denver officials said an I-100 amendment of local law would change nothing, because the vast majority of marijuana possession busts — which were a mere 3.2 percent of all city arrests in 2004 — will continue to be prosecuted under state law.

Denver Post SAYS = Denver residents Tuesday voted to legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, but the state attorney general said the vote was irrelevant because state law will still be enforced.

In their PRO-DOPE editorial the RJ calls - Lawbreakers -  "recreational pot smokers"
An RJ DUMB Question - When did majority votes that limit the power of the government cease to count in this country?
Answer - NEVER. DOPE is Illegal - there is a FED Law against it.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Check out the RJ eForum. Kind of interesting. If YOU have a Blogger send me the address, and I may add it to a list. NATIONALIZATION may be the ONLY solution. Because of the Exorbitantly HIGH (GREEDY) profits the Oil Companies are making, and it is OBVIOUS that there is Price Gouging and Price Collusion, what would you think of Nationalizing the Oil Companies? That way the price of gas would go down and the profits would belong to the people. Which is EXACTLY why Bush said we invaded Iraq. “The Oil belongs to the Iraqi people.” Why doesn’t American Oil belong to the American People?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Answers NEEDED

Because of Bush and the Pope’s stand on Condoms Millions HAVE died of AIDS, AND, Millions more WILL Die. Is it worth it? NOW is the PERFECT Time to consider NEW Ideas in Education. Why not TEACH using TV. Religion - What do YOU Know about the Islamic Religion? The Newspaper it the PLACE to Educate the people. How do you educate WITHOUT discussion? Al Gibes column today about APPLE - TRY it you will like it. OK, AL, But HOW do I TRY one. THAT IS THE PART YOU LEFT OUT.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Problems with getting the news from the RJ. Their eForum site hardly works. THEY decide what letters to editor get printed. Their Editorial Writers are Anonymous, but they won’t print a letter to the editor WITHOUT A NAME AND ADDRESS BEING GIVEN. Look at WHAT they HATE And What they LIKE. They have been on a crusade to Legalize Dope in NV for years. Do they EVER mention the Assembly member that was or is on the payroll for the PRO-DOPE group.